The kit is for quantitative detection of new quinolone and their derivatives in food, and has outstanding specificity and quantification. The detection procedure is simple, easy and hardly influenced by physiological active substances and body fluid components.
Since the monoclonal antibody used in this kit is able to bind to the antigen in organic solvents (methanol and ethanol), the extract from tissues with alcoholic can immediately be measured with the ELISA.

Antibiotics have been widely used to reduce the bacterial infection, and continual administration of the antibiotics show increased survival of the bacteria. This phenomenon is of potential medical significance since tolerance causes failures and facilitates the development of antibiotic resistance. The antibiotics have also been used in stockbreeding and fisheries. The antibiotics remained in the meat and fish are ingested by human, and accelerate the development of antibiotic resistance.
Among various antibiotics, new quinolones have broad antibiotic spectra and a wide variety of derivatives have been developed and used. Contamination of new quinolones offer problem.
We developed monoclonal antibody for the wide variety of new quinolones, and a kit for simultaneous detection of various antibiotics remained in the meat and fish with simple and easy procedure.