This product is the gel for trapping New Quinolones in a solution. Since the antibody immobilized gel can reacts to the variety of New Quinolones.

When measuring the residue of antibacterial agent (antibiotic) in food and environment, we are performing pretreatment such as a concentration in order to extract the organic solvent or environmental water, etc. However, even if the pretreatment (organic solvent, solid phase extraction, ionic exchange etc.) are performed, some impurities are certainly mixed. Therefore, these impurities have had great influence on the system of measurement.
In many antibacterial agents, since a New Quinolone antimicrobial agent has the large antibacterial spectrum, various derivatives have been developed and used in recent years. For this reason, contamination of the New Quinolone in food has become a problem now.
We have developed the solid phase gel which immobilized with anti
New Quinolone antibody. By performing affinity treatment, the gel can trap only the New Quinolones from the contaminated samples, result in the collected eluent has very few impurities.