Corporate Profile

Frontier Institute Co., Ltd. was established as the solely owned subsidiary of Frontier Science Co., Ltd. in 2004. Based on the technology which was cultivated in the longtime commission research support service, we currently develop and sell a variety of measuring equipment in bio-assay system. We have an unique “know?how” on antibody production, and have produced antibodies with especially low molecular count.

In addition, we have developed products not only by ourselves but in collaboration with academic, business, and governmental  bodies, and we provide comprehensive service such as the development, production and sales by maintaining a cooperative  relationship with external organizations.

Making the most of our strongest fields, we are going to provide our products from Hokkaido to whole of country as well as around the world.


Major Product Lines

  • NewQuinolone measuring kit : ELISA kit for measuring new quinolone antibacterial agent. It is also available for food, environment and medicine.
  • Trapper : An affinity column used for pretreatment in new quinolone analysis.  It enables foreign substances to be removed by just one treatment for accurate instrumental analysis.
  • SAA kit for Horses : To assay inflammatory marker SAA. Useful in the management of racehorses’ physical condition.
  • Antibody for brain and neurology : Immunohistochemistry verified antibody. The product performance has already been evaluated.
  • Commission research support service : We provide commission service such as gene testing, and antibody production.

Corporate Overview

Name Frontier Institute Co., Ltd.
Address 1-777-12, Shinko-nishi, Ishikari, Hokkaido 0613241 Japan
Phone +81-133-73-9194
FAX +81-133-73-4567
Company Representative Hiroshi Takada, president
Capital 33,000,000 Yen
Employees 9
Foundation November, 2004
Business Overview Development of various bioassay kits,
production of diagnostic materials,
production and sales of reagent for research use,
and commission research support service